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Can a keyboard be repaired after small liquid spill?


My Mac bluetooth aluminium keyboard suffered a small kitten-induced water spill. I dried it out, but predictably, it's now behaving a bit strangely. Most of the keys are fine, but a few are now operating in pairs, e.g. if you hit either the Y or the U key, you'll get the same output which is 'YU'. There are six pairs of keys that are behaving like this: HJ, NM, YU, 67, ;/, and space'.

Is it even possible to repair this keyboard? I hate the idea that I'm going to have to throw out an otherwise perfectly usable bit of kit.

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Just to offer anecdotal evidence: I saved it successfully from a coffee spill (with cream).

Took out the batteries immediately. Then washed is generously with copious amounts of tap water. Shaked and wiped off visible water droplets. Then set it aside for a few days to dry.

The main points are: Don't be afraid to use LOTS of (clean) water. Tap water is usually good enough, but use distilled water if you're living in an area with 'hard' water. It's quite difficult to harm unpowered (!) electronics with just water.

The other: Let dry thoroughly. Very thoroughly.

ok, will take my dead one with me to shower next time;) Thanks for the idea!

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sorry to say that - but as far as i could google it, there is no real good way to disassemble the keyboard

the keycaps are not the problem

but the keyboard itself would be a togh thing to do and will probably end with a total damaged keyboard (but since the keyboard won't work that way either - you have nothing to lose)






If it was just water, there is hope. Soft drinks are much more difficult. I'm not familiar with the keyboard your are referring to but just Googled a photo of one. So, it's a separate keyboard, not part of a computer. I'm guessing that there is still water in it.

I would suggest giving it a good shake, maybe over a paper towel so you can see if any water comes out.

After that, put it in a "warm" place, you don't want to melt anything, and every few hours turn it upside down or on its side.

If you are certain it was clean tap water, that's about it. If you suspect the water may have had something in it - hope not sugar - then soak the keyboard in distilled water then do the drying stuff again.

I have managed to recover a laptop keyboard with a can of soft drink spilled on it by removing the keyboard and putting it in a dishwasher then rinsing with distilled water.

you can't compare a laptop keyboard with those apple aluminum keyboards - i disassemble every notebookkeyboard to the bone - if it has to be - but those "creatures" where glued together - nice looking disposable keyboards

markus weiher,

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