Water damaged, replaced battery and cell antenna, now unit overheats?


Son's 4S took a dunk in water. Put in rice for day And a half.when I took out, the unit. Would not power-on without being connected to a sync cable and charger.

Plug in to charger unit powered on, and stayed searching for. Cellular towers. So I put it back in rice for three days, and got a battery kit and new. Cell antenna from Ifixit.

Took apart iPhone 4S, installed new battery and cell antenna. Made sure all was cleaned and wiped down as instructions said. Phone put back together, it powers up

Off of battery, and then after being on for a minute it starts getting hot and gives the temperature warning!

What should I do now? Should I try to restore? Is there

Something else I can try?

(Thanks in advance. Sorry about any bad typing, I'm. On my iPad)

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If it feels hot where the logic board is, the logic board was damaged by water and needs to be replaced. However, it's more likely that the battery is defective. Replace it again.

Sorry for posting back so late. Vacation and Work and School has put this on the back burner. I am contacting iFixit now to get the battery replaced.


Ok, so I attempted to start on this again. I took it back apart, & using 90% alcohol ( much higher concentration) this time, I went back over EVERY piece again & cleaned all parts. After drying out overnight, I re-assembled & used 1st the original OEM Apple Battery. The Phone boots up, the battery does get warm, but no Temp Warning comes up! hooray. However, the battery rapidly discharges, & can't be charged up at this point. ( putting it on an OEM 30 pin cable after a few minutes causes it 2 rapidly discharge.) So I then put in the ifixit battery, ( the one they said they wouldn't RMA) & on 30 pin cable, battery is at 100%. on the good Apple OEM cable, the phone acts great, no overheat, no tmp warning. Pull it off the good Apple Cable, & phone dies, & can't turn back on. I'd really like 2 get this phone fixed 4 xmas so some1 point me in a direction...should I: 1. try replacing the battery again? 2. replace the 30 pin dock connector & see if that fixes it? 3. or is it hopeless & should I give up? TIA


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