Xbox 360 keeps overheating even after dusting it out


My Xbox first overheated about a yr and a half ago. I opened it up and it was full of dust so I cleaned it out. It worked fine until recently I got the two rings again. I touched my Xbox and adapter to see if it was hot but it wasn't. I figured it was full of dust again. So, I opened it up and it wasn't that dusty but I cleaned it out nonetheless. That didn't resolve my issue though. My Xbox is overheating in two minutes or less of online gaming. I read a post about retrieving your 4 digit error code by holding the sync button and pressing the eject button at the same time. I got a 0011, how do I fix this? I have an Elite Xbox btw.

Thank you!!

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Shagadelic, 0011 comes up when the CPU overheats. Your Xbox locks itself until it cools the chip.The reason for that could be that the heat cant be dissipated to the heatsink or that the heatsink is not cooled properly.This can be caused by improper thermal paste usage, or if the error comes up instantly, the heatsink does not make contact with the chip. I would suggest that you make sure the heatsink is making good contact with the chip, apply a thin layer of thermal paste and replace the X-Clamps with the kit from here from here Follow this guide to get it done. If that won't help, then you will have to think about a reflow or, for a more permanent fix, a reball. Hope this helps, good luck.

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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Fix Kit

Fix kit for Xbox 360 consoles with the "Red Ring of Death" (RRoD) failure. Replace, reattach, and reclamp the heat sinks on your Xbox 360. Usually fixes a RRoD Xbox—also effective as a preventative measure. Kit includes: tube of Céramique 2 thermal compou — 24 available at 29.95 each.

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