dropped ipad, bent the alluminium case on the volume bottom


I've just dropped my ipad and the alluminium case bent on the volume button, i cant use the volume button and it stuck inside (volume square is frozen on the sceen). Is it possible to open the ipad and reshape the allumium case or is it too risky?

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Hi Lou,

As you have probably noted, there is no screw to open the iPad 2 and in fact it make opening this iDevice much more complicate that an iPhone for example.

This is the reason why all iPad 2 guides are marked "Very difficult"!

I wouldn't say it is too risky, it depends on you, your skills and probably also your tools. If you want to make a good job you will have to use the good tools. Look at this iOpener at least!

  • If you decide to access the volume button hole from inside the rear case, the minimum require disassemble is the display. Look at this guide so you will have a better view on what you would have to do.
  • Once you will have the screen out, you will have a better view if further dis-assembly is required. Any further dis-assembly should be piece of cake after what you've done just before!
  • Also remember that you're gonna have to re-install the screen with new adhesive strips after that. (New adhesive strips available here.)

Let us know what is your decision, and good luck!

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