Wet iPhone restore issues-what might be damaged?


Waded into a swimming pool and forgot to remove my iPhone 5 from my pocket. The phone was dead when I saw it and having tried all possible advise to dry it, its current symptoms are:

- Loops in startup but does not turn on

- Battery doesn't charge

- Retina display appears to be okay

I have gotten it to a point where iTunes recognises it and tries to restore it. However, once the apple logo and status bar is displayed on the phone, it then starts to fade away and then it loses its USB connection from my Macbook and iTunes. iTunes then gives an error (9) saying it has effectively lost the USB connection.

Understanding that it cannot be device conflicts on the USB port of the MBP, what do you think might be damaged internally? Could it just be the battery, dock connector, or a logic board problem? Note that I have not opened the phone yet.

Thanks in advance.

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Mitch Rush



Congrats Vince, your the first person I know of that has ever done this, kidding, here is a teardown guide, iPhone 5 Teardown, once your finished with the teardown follow these instructions on taking care of the water damage, the guide is for an I3 but use the same methods to clean your 5, Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage, after reassembly if you have any issues get back on here and let us know, good luck, If this Answer is helpful please remember to return and mark it Accepted.

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Thanks Mitch. I will try this but if you or anyone else can provide insight into what might be damaged because of the symptoms I've described, that would be greatly appreciated. I'm really hoping its just the battery and really really hoping its not the logic board or the dock connector. Thanks again. Cheers!


Vince, follow the advice given by Mitch Rush. Once you got it properly cleaned replace the battery and re-evaluate.


What might be wrong would be corrosion causing things on the logic board to short or (jump) to each other, the longer you would let this go the worse it will get till finally the board will be so corroded it would need to be replaced, other components may need replaced also but you wont know for sure till you get your phone reassembled, good luck

Mitch Rush,

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